Trunk Road T2 – MR Demonstration

Congrats to Hong Kong! We are welcoming a new Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel in the future.

To facilitate a better understanding of the T2 tunnel, CEDD and eTeam have jointly produced a thorough introduction with VR cave and MR technology. By mixing reality and virtuality, we can demonstrate the assembly of TBM, characteristic of TBM and the other technologies used in the production more effectively.

Moreover, visitors can also enjoy the MR game of assembling the VBM. Player will act as an engineer to assemble the TBM. Through the game, players can understand the mechanics of the TBM.

What have we done:
• MR App Development

Client土木工程拓展處 Civil and Engineering Development DepartmentServicesMR 遊戲Year2022

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