HKFYG – Alice in the Underland AR

Everyone knows “Alice in the Wonderland”, but in another universe, Alice has fallen into an underland. In the underland, there are full of temptation from different drugs, which “helps” Alice to escape from the stress in her life. Players need to help Alice to escape from drugs and the underland.

In “Alice in the Underland”, players need to cooperate to find the clues to reach Alice and rescue her from the Underland. During their discovering, they may learn more about the types and properties of drugs, and the symptoms when people take those drugs.

What have we done:
• AR App Multiplayers Programming
• Storyline Design and Production
• Visual, Sound and Music Effects Design and Production
• Scene Design and Setting

Client香港青年協會洪水橋青年空間 The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups Hung Shui Kiu Youth S.P.O.T.ServicesAR GameYear2022

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