Po Leung Kuk – Anti-cannabis AR VR Game

Happy birthday to you! Let’s have some fun!

Teenagers are easily tempted by others, especially when they are having birthday parties. eTeam and Po Leung Kuk have designed and developed an AR/VR game together, which provides an experience for teenagers to know the risks of taking drugs. The game is designed as a room filled with poisonous gas, in which the players need to find out the password to escape.

During the game, players can experience the side effects and symptoms from taking drugs with VR headsets. Players have to cooperate with one another to find out the clues and solve the puzzles.

What have we done:
• VR Game Development
• AR Game Development
• 3D Animation Design and Promotion
• Storyline Design and Production

ClientPo Leung Kuk Student Support ServicesServicesAR GameYear2022

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