AR/VR/MR Software Development

Educational Software Design

Interactive Motion-sensing Game

Virtual and Physical Exhibition Events


A team of specialists in Graphics, 3D Animations, AR/VR/ MR Engineer and Developer,

and we are proud to provide you with an XR solution customized to your event.

Community Educational Game

We develop interactive experiences with educational value and  customise game content and scripts according to your needs. Our aim is to promote community harmony, inclusiveness, and community awareness. By combining elements of education and entertainment, participants can explore themes related to real-life, such as history, culture, and understanding the unique features of different regions.

Virtual Chessboard Game

Emotion Management Game

Design and develop games centered around mental health and emotional management, providing interactive and effective emotional education experiences. Through immersive scenarios, participants can experience and understand different emotions, reflect on their own emotional issues, and improve their attitudes towards others and their skills in handling various emotions.

Virtual Architectural Showcase

Vocational Training Software

Provides immersive learning experiences, including interactive simulations, real-world practice, and virtual showcases. Applied to various vocational training scenarios, such as symptom diagnosis, physical examinations, safety procedures, mechanical training, etc., participants can actively engage in innovative technologies to practice and simulate different situations, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge levels in a whole new learning domain.

Creative Filter Design

Experience Events and Interactive Exhibitions

Designing interactive exhibitions and experience halls not only provides a more immersive learning and entertainment experience but also enhances visitor interaction with brands or themes, improving the overall quality of the experience. Through extensive projection and interactive technologies, including motion capture and touch-screen interfaces, unique and immersive interactive scenes and dynamic gaming experiences are created, attracting a larger audience and media attention to explore the exhibition content.

Reality-Virtual Guided Tour

Team Building Game

With the goal of team cohesion, we design and develop games that enhance team bonding, collaboration skills, and efficiency. We provide virtual scenarios where team members can collectively strategize to solve challenges, train their collaborative spirit, and develop effective communication skills.